Data Center Solutions for Digital Media Providers

CoreSite provides the reliability and network accessibility required for successful digital media operations.

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Low Latency. High Performance. Happy Users.

When content is what you do—whether it’s gaming, entertainment, retail or advertising—a slight decrease in video performance or a long load time for a webpage can cost millions of dollars and seriously damage your brand. CoreSite provides direct connectivity to hundreds of national, international and regional networks as well as best-in-breed CDNs, giving you the connectivity needed to dramatically reduce latency and delivery lapses and ensure optimal user experiences.

A More Efficient Workflow

Full digital media workflow requires a robust ecosystem of studios, distribution companies, post-production services and numerous other elements to effectively deliver content to end users. It is inefficient and costly to try to manage all of these various providers on an individual basis to deliver an end product. CoreSite is a one-stop-shop that provides direct access to the complete ecosystem of providers. We’ll help you make introductions and enable a more efficient workflow—all with a simple cross connect.

Flexible Solutions That Grow With You

Digital media providers often need sizable capacity. You may quickly grow from small start-up to large provider of digital media, which means you need a data center supplier with a flexible solution that can quickly scale with you. CoreSite partners with you to create custom solutions that meet your unique space, power and location requirements. Unlike some providers, we not only support immediate large-capacity growth, but we do it in a way that is easily repeatable across all our major North American markets. And if a cloud solution is what you need, the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange offers you an on-ramp to the cloud by providing easy access to multiple, best-of-breed cloud service providers that can meet your unique content delivery requirements.

“Working with CoreSite has enabled us to accomplish goals that we did not necessarily feel were realistic two years ago. The relationship has opened a world of new opportunities for us and we are excited to continue the partnership in the future.”

Tab Butler, Director of Media Management and Post Production, MLB Network

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