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As networks and carriers know, it’s critical to be deployed in the right data center facilities throughout the major telecommunications hubs of North America. With more than 375 network deployments and the largest peering exchange hub on the West Coast (Any2Exchange® for Internet peering), CoreSite’s data centers allow network customer traffic to flow seamlessly into, throughout, and out of the U.S.

Maximize Your Return on Interconnection

Networks and carriers are always looking to "do more with less", such as utilizing a data center provider that can provide a lower total cost of ownership while driving additional revenue. CoreSite delivers a community of more than 1,200 customers—including leading peering exchanges, domestic and international carriers, cloud providers, and enterprises—providing networks with access to an ecosystem of buyers, sellers and partners to expand their customer base and maximize ROI.

Multiple Paths to Increased Network Density

Large national networks and carriers often experience a lack of network density in certain markets and metropolitan areas. Building last-mile connections to both business and residential areas is expensive, and these costs must often be passed to end customers—causing lost business opportunities. Similarly, local or regional carriers are in a state of constant expansion as they work to meet the demands of an existing customer base and increase revenue generating opportunities.

Both regional and national carriers can expand their reach economically by joining one of CoreSite’s carrier-neutral data center campuses. Regional carriers can grow their service capabilities, reduce costs and take advantage of new opportunities to leverage on-net footprints. National carriers can extend their reach and save money by reselling local network footprints and paying for only the interconnections they need within our data center campuses.

A Competitive Edge

Networks and carriers often face the difficult situation of differentiating services in a competitive market. While demand for network services steadily increases, prices continue to decrease. It’s becoming difficult to maintain the differentiation needed to positively impact the bottom line while still charging reasonable rates. The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange helps you differentiate your network services by enabling you to become a conduit for public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. By offering your customers entry into our Open Cloud Exchange, you immediately gain an edge when compared to other Internet providers.

"CoreSite makes it easy for us to provide a safe, secure, reliable experience for our customers. We’re able to present our extensive roster of customers and prospects with direct access to all the services and applications they want in a single location."

Shawn Hakl, Vice President of Enterprise Networking and Innovation, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

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